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Primary Care

Patient Services

We offer primary care services to our patients that include health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, plus the following:

  • Allergy relief (steroid injections)

  • Camp, school, and sports physicals

  • Medical cannabis certification and recertification

  • TB testing (administration and reading or lab draw)

  • Travel health consultation (motion sickness prevention, traveler's diarrhea prevention)​

  • Trigger point injections for muscle pain and spasm

  • Vaccinations - Adult (DTaP, Flu)

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Same day/next day appointments available for acute illness/injury

Preventive vs. Office Visits

Initial Establish Care Visits

Includes a comprehensive medical history. A physical exam may be included or may be scheduled at a later visit. 


Physical or Preventive Care Visits

A physical can also be a preventive step. During your visit the provider will ask you about your current health, family history, past illnesses and surgeries, chronic conditions to assess your health risk, update on vaccinations or may identify any health issues that may need further evaluation. In addition, your provider will review health screenings, specific to your age and gender.

In the event that your physical or preventive visit requires additional evaluation aside from preventative care that may also lead to an office visit. You may be billed for both the physical or preventive visit AND the office visit when performed at the same visit.

This includes medication management, abnormal lab or diagnostic studies, new complaints.

You may need to schedule an office visit after your preventative exam if any of the following is needed: 

  • Additional evaluations

  • Abnormal labs or imaging reviews

  • Medication prescriptions

  • Specialist referrals


You may be billed for both the physical/preventive exam AND the non-preventative office visit.

  • The physical/preventive exam copay is collected at the time of your appointment

  • The non-preventative office visit is billed and subject to insurance copays, deductibles, and patient portion of payment. 

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